Looking for someone who can help you find your ideal home or investment property in Europe, the UK, Hong Kong or Australia, and who can help you design and decorate?


Both tasks can be  overwhelming and daunting, whether buying or decorating a newly built property or property requiring an upgrade or total renovation. Working with a one-stop specialist in property search and interior design will relieve a lot of associated stress.

Fiona Koidl believes that your home or work environment depict the way you feel, who you believe yourself to be, where you aim for in your life’s journey, or even the image you would like to project to others. Casual, classic, eclectic, elegant or bohemian — all exterior or interior design styles communicate something about your personality and your ambition.

A good interior designer must be good at listening to client’s needs and wants and then interpreting what they would like, especially when clients don’t really know themselves what they’re after. I am flexible, practical and work within your budget to produce something that is a couple of levels above what you anticipate, making you feel surprised and delighted and totally at ease with the outcome.

An interior decorator must also have a good eye for layering items and play around with scale, space, light, materials and colours. I love bold contrasts as much as soft blends, but I never use them together. I also believe in understated luxury, concentrating on practicality and comfort without missing design aesthetics. In my travels, I never stop looking for that special piece that is then filed away for when I might want it in an upcoming project.

Fiona Koidl’s mission is to deliver creative, innovative, practical and sustainable decorating solutions to improve the quality standards of any project and thereby increase the property’s value.

About Fiona

Fiona Koidl was born in India, educated in the UK and spent much of her professional life working and living in Asia, in particular, Hong Kong where she formed a cultural affiliation. When returning to Australia she brought with her an intimate understanding of apartment living along with office, restaurant and hotel design. She now splits her time between Europe and Australia.

I particularly enjoy combining my real estate activities with interior design — searching for suitable investment properties in Europe, the UK, Hong Kong or Australia on behalf of my clients, often finding one-of-a-kind homes or apartments that are usually not officially on the market, then consulting on design to upgrade them to re-sell or turn into unique homes for them to enjoy.

Fiona Koidl